Sunday, October 17, 2010

Modern Sounds in New Psychedelica

photo by joe capozzi
The Flaming Lips played one of the most expansive, outrageous shows 500 people will ever see.  With a visual assault geared for thousands, the Lips ended their current U.S. tour with this sparsely-attended show in western Boca Raton last night. 

If there was a show to "phone one in,"  this one was it.  An add-on show, a make-up date from the last minute cancellation from May's SunFest showBut the Lips are wonderfully weird professionals and it was easy to tell why these guys have been blowing people's minds for the past 27 years.

Quite appropriate for a band legendary in their visual prowess, the Lips entered the amphitheater stage through, let's be frank here, a glowing vagina on a 25-foot high video screen.  The image, obviously tied to the band's latest album, Embryonic, was randy and unsettling - just like all good rock shows.

The video screen and the surrounding proscenium of lights created the atmosphere for frontman Wayne Coyne's tight and bombastic brand of psychedelic rock.  The band was tight, with a special nod to guitarist Steven Drozd, and appealing. 

Coyne exhibited his chops as an ultimate showman.  There were balloons, confetti cannons and Wayne's bubble ride across the crowd - despite its small size. 

Despite the thrilling psychedelic journey with the Lips, the biggest surprise of the night was opening band, Morning Teleportation.  The five-piece band from Portland played a fun and trippy psychedelic rock.  The young men have been gaining some notice during their year of opening for and the Lips.  

No album yet - there is talk about a spring release. I can imagine that they will score some prime slots in next summer's festivals.  

I Can Be a Frog” by The Flaming Lips (mp3)(iTunes)(Amazon)