Friday, May 28, 2010

Video Friday - Finding Your Focus

The Greek goddess of victory, Nike, and her corporate namesake has smiled down once again on a fat Dutch progressive rock flautist.

Nearly forty years after Providence smiled down on Thijs van Leer to make his wild, wonderful, yodelling guitar
jam a worldwide hit, it is starting all over again.

Thanks to this shoe video for the 2010 World Cup (and
its 10 million views and counting), the Netherlands-
based Focus is once again heading back to the world
charts. It does help when the incredibly slick
commercial debuts in 32 countries.

For me, listening to Focus' "Hocus Pocus" reminds me
of when I started really listening to music for the first
time. Just an eight-year-old listening to the FM radio
late at night like I was caught behind enemy lines,
listening for news from the front.

Plus I liked the yodeling part.

Hocus Pocus” by Focus (mp3)(iTunes)(Amazon)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weird Cover Wednesday: The Gourds- Gin and Juice

Acoustic covers of rap songs are comedic gold. It's a proven fact. So when country band The Gourds tunes up their banjos and drops some rhymes courtesy of Snoop Do-double g, magic is made. So roll down the window of your Ford truck, spill some Jack D for your homeboys on the ranch and ride off into the sunset on some funky beats.

Gin and Juice” by The Gourds (mp3) (iTunes) (Amazon)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Five Video Friday

Under Ice

This excellent mashup of Under Pressure and Ice Ice Baby was inevitable. Plus it's laid over my tow favorite anime, so it's all good.

The Cat Piano

This animated short, told in an almost beatnik poem gives off the feel of a wonderful blues song.

The Story of Othello (As Told By Rappers)

Othello is brought to the streets in this hilarious video directed by Mega64's Derrick Acosta (who has a new DVD coming out next week).

Running With Chicken

Funny folk group Garfunkle and Oates, tell you how to cheer up.

TMBG- Till My Head Falls Off

One of the best live versions of a song I've heard. It rocks so hard Flans breaks his strings.

Monday, May 17, 2010

South Florida Concert Outlook

Ahhh.....South Florida. Rock tours either start or end here and rarely visit in between.

However, with a little digging, the best shows can be found. Below is a listing of select shows in the area, plus a couple roadtrip specials.

October 2 - Rush performing Moving Pictures in its entirety (Cruzan Amphitheater) (Tix)


June 10-13 - Bonna Ray?BONNAROOOOOOOOOO! Kings of Leon, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder & Conan. (Somewhere in Tennessee) (Tix)
September 19 - The Black Crowes 20th Anniversary Show - 3 hour acoustic and electric (Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, Asheville, N.C.) (Tix)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Video Friday - Canceling Stamps

After a busy work week during a particularly hard time for the working man and woman, it is always a good reminder that there is still enough magic out there to get you through.

Point of evidence. In this field recording, four workers from the University of Ghana post office go beat crazy canceling stamps and literally whistling while they work. There is nothing to the video, but this effervescent work song is smile-inducing.

Canceling Stamps” by University of Ghana Postal Workers (mp3)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weird Cover Wednesday: "Lady GaGa- Viva La Vida"

I have to come to terms with something.

I really like Lady GaGa.

It's hard to admit but it's true, I have the fansite bookmarked, fanart saved, and her new tour is on my radar. So now onto my next mission, I must convert my friends, GaGa commands it. But I know that I can't throw you in the deep end and make you swim. GaGa is pop and you, dear reader, are a true music connoisseur, not interested in the likes of her. But you like Coldplay right, of course you do, thus may I present Lady GaGa preforming "Viva La Vida." Sure she messes up the words sometimes and she make it obvious she wants to be a queen, not king, but it's still an excellent cover.

Now sleep.

"Viva La Vida" by Lady Gaga (mp3)