Friday, June 25, 2010

South Florida Concert Update: The Black Keys Thunder Into Town, Kevin Barnes visits Lake Worth

On the heels of its release of one of year's best albums, alternative bluesmen, The Black Keys, has joined the southern swing of the Kings of Leon tour and is bringing the best rock show of the summer to South Florida.

Friday night, September 17th, at the Cruzan Amphitheater will feature some of the best rock out there, anywhere. The Akron-based The Black Keys - singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney on drums - will be joining After Hours favorites, The Whigs and Kings of Leon. The prospect of this show may be the only way to survive this too unbelievably hot summer.

In the meantime, I'll keep listening to their breakthrough album, Brothers. Muscle Shoals, where the album was recorded, has left its patented swamp feel to this outstanding recording. If my iPod had grooves, I would have worn them out with this album.

Lake Worth is looking to jump start the area concert business with its own festival - the First Annual Lake Worth It festival. To be held in Bryant Park, Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes will headline a bevy of bands including local guitar hero, John Ralston. Buying now instead at the gates for the August 7th festival will save you a sawbuck.

Also, Billy Corgan and his whoever he is hanging with has sold out the Revolution. Fanboys can still try StubHub. Vampire Weekend returns to the Fillmore in Miami Beach on October 13 - a safe distance after hurricane season. Tickets on sale today for the general admission show.

July 10 - Black Violin (Revolution) (Tix)
October 2 - Rush performing Moving Pictures in its entirety (Cruzan Amphitheater) (Tix)
October 10 - Vampire Weekend (The Fillmore Miami Beach) (Tix)

Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys (mp3)(iTunes)(Amazon)

Harvest Moon” by Of Montreal (mp3)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weird Cover Wednesday: Something About You

This is not just a cover, it is a reclamation project.

Cary Brothers' sweet duet with Dutch-through-LA singer Laura Jensen of Level 42's "Something About You" is a revelation.  The familiarity of the song is not readily apparent.  The stripped-down cover brings this tune up from the saccharine depths 80s English pop to become a simple gem. 

Brothers, who is probably best known for his contribution to the Garden State soundtrack. included this tune on his enjoyable second album, Under Control, which was released this spring.  Fortunately, there is not a synth to found during the entire 3:46. 

Something About You” by Cary Brothers (mp3)(iTunes)(Amazon)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Five Video Friday: My Favorite Music Videos

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground- White Stripes

The White Stripes always blow people away with their music videos with director Michel Gondry at the helm. But this simple video often gets overlooked in favor of Fell In Love With A Girl or Hardest Button to Button. But it's simplicity doesn't stop it from being one of the best videos I've seen.

Around The World- Daft Punk

By all accounts what should have been a boring music video not only manages to entrance you with the well choreographed dance that if you look deeper actually has a cool surprise for you.

Going On- Gnarls Barkley

Going on takes choreographed dancing to the streets and makes it belong. With tight editing so every bounce, sway and gesture is in time to the beat it's hard not to dance along with this video. I must have watched it a hundred times and I still don't get tired of it.

Eighth Wonder- Lemon Demon

Come on, you knew he would show up. My favorite band and my favorite director Neil Cicierega does what may be the simplest music video I've seen. By taking one frame for each beat he makes a trip through the a forest of lyrics, mongooses and shacks seem like a grand adventure.

Keep Fishin'- Weezer

What can I say, I'm a sucker for both the Muppets and Weezer. With classic
Muppets feel, this video made me flashback to childhood.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weird Cover Wednesday: Ben Lee does 'Ben Lee'

Back in 2001, Indiana punksters, The Ataris, unleashed a caustic chorus about Australian former pop punker and current singer/songwriter Ben Lee with "Ben Lee". Very blunt and to the point, The Ataris let loose by proclaiming, "To me you're some just some ugly prick who got lucky/ cause he knew the Beastie Boys and I can't stand it." They also riff on Lee's dating of Claire Danes and his general good fortune, whether deserved or not.

What makes this special is when the victim of the call-out covers the taunt. Very cheeky - Ben Lee covering "Ben Lee."

Ben Lee” by The Ataris (mp3)(iTunes)(Amazon)

Ben Lee” by Ben Lee (mp3)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

South Florida Concert Update: U2 Bails, Sleigh Bells Head South

Bono's mysterious back injury has postponed U2's North America tour, including its July 9th stop in Miami, and put a large hole in the summer concert plans for the SoFla faithful.

However, there are several new concerts that will go a long way in filling that musical void. Although these shows won't feature stadium-size stages, they will allow a closer look at some of the best up-and-coming bands around.

The biggest excitement is reserved for blog darlings, Sleigh Bells. The Brooklyn duo's fuzz guitar/pop vocals combination has the hipsters drooling over themselves. They may just be right. See them July 8th at West Palm's Respectable Street.

July 9 - U2 (Sun Life Stadium) (Tix) (CANCELLED)
October 2 - Rush performing Moving Pictures in its entirety (Cruzan Amphitheater) (Tix)

Taking the long trip out west under the Roadtrip Specials for the week as two of the major summer festivals announced bands this week.

August 14-15 - Outside Lands Festival at Golden Gate Park in San Fran. Kings of Leon, The Strokes, My Morning Jacket, Social Distortion & Al Green headline the two-day fest. (Tix)

September 4-6 - Bumbershoot! Great festival in Seattle, featuring Bob Dylan, Weezer, Hole, Neko Case, Jenny Lewis, The Whigs and just about everyone else. (Tix)