Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weird Cover Wednesday: "Lady GaGa- Viva La Vida"

I have to come to terms with something.

I really like Lady GaGa.

It's hard to admit but it's true, I have the fansite bookmarked, fanart saved, and her new tour is on my radar. So now onto my next mission, I must convert my friends, GaGa commands it. But I know that I can't throw you in the deep end and make you swim. GaGa is pop and you, dear reader, are a true music connoisseur, not interested in the likes of her. But you like Coldplay right, of course you do, thus may I present Lady GaGa preforming "Viva La Vida." Sure she messes up the words sometimes and she make it obvious she wants to be a queen, not king, but it's still an excellent cover.

Now sleep.

"Viva La Vida" by Lady Gaga (mp3)

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