Saturday, June 6, 2009

Like Milk and Gasoline

Musically, something is happening in Tampa.

The latest compilation of Tampa Bay area bands, Tales of Lust & Longing, documents the rising tide of talent in the area. It is a thoroughly enjoyable listen from BAAMO. (thanks, Duncan!).

Catching my ear on the first listen was "Milk & Gasoline" by St. Pete's Experimental Pilot, who consist of brothers Robert and Stephen Vessenmeyer. The acoustic duo and longtime area musicians team up with a kicking back-up band on this tale of a struggling couple searching for for a way out. With a driving rhythm section, the song is reminiscent of a Hayes Carll tune.

I've been replaying this song for a week - taking special pleasure when Stephen whispers "All it takes is a spark" as the band kicks it into another gear.

Milk & Gasoline” by Experimental Pilot (mp3)(iTunes)(CDBaby)

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Train Whistle said...

I have seen these guys.
Great songs and killer harmonies!