Saturday, July 11, 2009

On a Manic Dylan Binge

This fever has been building for quite awhile, but now I am in the midst of a full-blown Bob Dylan binge.

His latest album, which rocks with Los Lobos' David Hidalgo's accordion, and the recent Rolling Stone interview have definitely stoked the flames. Now, I can listen to little else.

Young, old, acoustic or electric, the hits and the rarities, it doesn't matter. I'm listening to it all. The man can turn a phrase and plumb the depths. I'm amazed every time.

Dylan's radio show on XM/Sirius is a consistent enjoyable listening experience. Bob closed his third season in April with the appropriate theme of "Goodbye." Some speculate that Dylan is done with his radio show and is moving on. That would be a shame, but Bob has left enough for us to enjoy. Listening is like sitting on the back porch with the coolest man on earth - which it pretty much is.

You can peruse archived shows at this wonderfully obsessive Dutch Dylan website. For just a taste, check at the seasonally-relevant link below.


I have a fever to attend to.

Hot Fun in the Summertime (w_Bob Dylan intro)” by Sly & The Family Stone (mp3)

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