Saturday, August 22, 2009

Future Film Soundtracks from Chi-town

In honor of AH contributor Ian's imminent departure to film school and a bevy of new adventures in the Second City, we present three offerings for his future film soundtracks. As we are in the business of opinions, also offered are suggested sequences to accompany these instrumentals or damn-near instrumentals.

“Torpedo” by Hawaii Mud Bombers (mp3)(iTunes)(Amazon)
Nothing sparks your indie cred like placing a Swedish surf punk group on your play list. In "Torpedo," the Hawaii Mud Bombers channel Dick Dale and provide the perfect getaway music.

“Knife Chase” by Tom Waits (mp3)(iTunes)(Amazon)
A little darker than the upbeat "Torpedo," "Knife Chase" by AH deity Tom Waits screams of grittiness, back alleys and too many late nights. Save this for your film noir.

“Mosquito” by the Mosquitos (mp3)(iTunes)(Amazon)
With this little indie rock/bossa nova, the NYC/Brazilian trio provides a quirky little ditty that evokes the seductive rhythms of summer. Or, if you are feeling a little Tarantino-ish, match this song up with a frightening mosquito attack in a classic horror style.

Have fun. Explore your art. Create big smiles.

Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.

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