Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lost at "The Show"

For the past two weeks,
my wife has been singing a pleasantly catchy pop tune by a former Australian television actress/ambient music siren with a Slavic name living in Los Angeles.

Nearly two years after its release, Lenka's "The Show" has created a wonderful skip in my bride's step. However, this has not occurred through the efforts of any DJ or even any of the influential television music supervisor. Lenka's sole album only reached 142 on the Billboard chart before disappearing. However, the song was a smash in Hanoi and Warsaw in 2008.

The song's re-emergence here in our little urban abode was the makings of some keen eared programmer trying to find the right "creative content" while working for an "integrated sensory branding service." It is music provided to enhance the retail experience - to cause customers to linger a few seconds more with the hope of capturing some additional customer money.

I am not going to veer off into some art versus commerce rant. Music has been used to sell something from nearly the beginning. This is to identify yet another growing avenue for music to find its way to our ears. A route that continues to grow in importance with the declining influence of radio and music videos. Does these ever-widening routes of distribution between artists and their listeners create the environment for better music? Or does everything get lost in the noise?

The Show” by Lenka (mp3)(iTunes)(Amazon)

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