Friday, October 17, 2008

Bees in the Tree

By marty

I have bees in my tree.  

A crapload of bees in my big, beautiful mango tree.  A barrel-size hive/nest/Death Star of bees dangling precariously on a limb 35 feet above my Thinking Spot - my quiet little seat to smoke too many cigarettes, listen to good music and solve all the world problems.   

Now my Thinking Spot is in danger.  Literally looming overhead.  Even more disturbing than the mental image of 2,000 newly-awoken bees landing on my lap when I finally crack that cheap fuel problem is the realization that the hive has been growing exponentially and totally unnoticed for many months.  

It is an apt metaphor for our current stress-filled, economic times.  An unknown danger growing so large and so close.  Is the ceiling starting to cave?  Not yet?  But when?  Better keep busy.

Contacted a bee remover through the internets (Thank you, Al Gore).  My own little bailout plan. In the meantime, I am keeping my head low with an eye to the sky.  And keeping busy as a .... well, you know.

Download: I’m A King Bee by Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones (mp3)(iTunes)(Amazon)

Download: Honey Bee by Cassandra Wilson (mp3)(iTunes)(Amazon)

Download: Birds And The Bees by The Bird and the Bee (mp3)(iTunes)(Amazon)

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