Monday, October 13, 2008

Lemon Demon: View Monster

By Ian Minor

Lemon Demon’s newest album is what you might call a reinvention. With a noticeably different style from Dinosaurchestra, his last album, Neil Cicierega is growing into his artistic skin. 

The album boasts 16 tracks, with transition tracks between them. This is a idea that Neil played with in earlier albums but goes crazy with here. The album has some of Lemon Demon’s best stuff. Two tracks, “The Ocean”, and “The Machine” are the best on the album. The latter a story of a boy who builds a giant machine that doesn't do anything, yet is labeled a menace of the state. Many other songs manage to pull of this new style. “Gadzooks” is the one of the best with great fan-mocking lyrics and with weird rhymes such as “Gee willikers, you’re all mentally illikers.”

But, as with all experimenting, some parts are going to fall flat. The first song he released for download was “Knife Fight” and it works okay as it’s own song, but when put into the album it seems out of place. A happy, peppy song between two of the slowest songs cause this song to trip the album up. In fact, some of the bonus songs would have worked better in the album. 

Oh yes, I mentioned bonus songs. Pay the full price for the physical CD and you’ll get sixteen extra songs. Most of them are instrumental pieces, but there are gems. My personal fave, “Ben Bernanke” a weird monologue by the Head of Finance to a man named Spencer. “Modify,” a song about mutilating yourself for fashion also does well by itself.

Lemon Demon has managed to shed the shackles that has haunted him and other bands like They Might Be Giants and Talking Heads. They play rock music, but because it has a much weirder subject matter, it’s labeled wacky or novelty. Lemon Demon at first embraced it, but now he has transitioned to his own style of rock. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Download: Ben Bernanke by Lemon Demon (mp3)(cdFreedom)


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