Thursday, March 3, 2011

Avetts, Cee-Lo and MGMT to Play SunFest; New Music Night Dies a Quiet Death

Rumors confirmed and so much more.

The Avett Brothers, Cee-Lo and MGMT (say what?) are the announced headliners for the 2011 SunFest in West Palm. The festival line-up has a little something for everyone - perhaps one "must see" and at least a couple "check outs" for the discerning music fan.  It is a worthy lineup.

Today announcement also marks the end of  New Music Night at SunFest.  This noble, but inconsistent, programming experiment brought several great, young bands through the area to the attention of few.  I'll classify it a success for the sole reason on providing the introduction to The Whigs.

More to come on the music as the festival approaches.  However, it should be noted that After Hours HQ is happy to see the return of Ziggy and is thinking that Gregg Allman's set may be something special.

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