Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Langerado Lives!!

South Florida's beloved and beleaguered music festival, Langerado, is back.

Two years after the popular festival closed up shop, promoters announced that Langerado will re-appear this fall as a two-day festival.  The October 8th & 9th musical festival will return to the location of its best days at Markham Park in Sunrise, Florida.

Promoters are promising a "diverse collection of artists from indie rock to electronica to modern roots" encompassing 22 acts.  The first line-up announcement is set for June 1st.  Special "on faith" tickets are $75 for two-days of undetermined music.  After the acts are announced, the advanced tickets go up to a throat-clearing $150 for the two-day festival.  This will be the first autumn dates for the festival, which usually ran during the March spring breaks.

The festival left Markham Park after the 2007 event when Broward County received numerous complaints about lax drug law enforcement at the show.  The 2008 event was moved to the remote Seminole Big Cypress Indian Reservation in the Everglades. The 2009 festival was planned for downtown Miami, but was quickly cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

After Hours HQ is cautiously optimistic and thinking about getting new concert chairs.


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