Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm Famous For These Glasses Baby

Cee-Lo Green has had a rough time, getting booed off Coachella doesn't go down easy. I'm sure having a number one pop song and a Grammy nomination ease the pain. I'm talking about the brilliant NSFW hit that we've mentioned many times before on this very blog. As the crowds gathered, we all had the same question on our lips... well my mom did because she made a five dollar bet that he wouldn't. Will he sing those forbidden words?

The answer to the five-dollar question was no, well kinda. I should probably back up. As Cee-Lo made us wait around twenty minutes after his starting time, we joked about what was keeping him. Marty said that he was backstage watching the walls drip. As the lights dimmed and Cee-Lo's all-girl band took the stage, the man himself came on the P.A. introducing himself as "The Lady Killer." He started off with his earlier songs when he was still with rap group Goodie Mob, who joined him on stage, as Cee-Lo paced in the background providing a line or two as his homies spit their rhymes.

But as they were ushered off stage Cee-Lo started to go into soul - where he really shines. His voice really is an amazing thing to listen to, even on CD, which is probably why he's judging on a show called The Voice. He quickly changes between styles from the soul powered "Crazy" to a very rock version of "Run." Cursing like a sailor all the way through Cee-Lo brought hit after hit to the people of Palm Beach.

At the end, though, people were still expecting the song they came for, and he knew it. Kicking it out as his finale, he relied on the audience to sing the oh-so essential part, never actually uttering the phrase. The crowd didn't care and who really should? Despite that, it's still got a killer hook. Even better, he ends it with an awesome and seamless transition into "Rock The Casbah," mash up artists, get on it!

Cee-Lo delivers an impressive show for anyone. Going from rap to soul to rock, he'll deliver something for everyone. As we left the show, my mom was handed five dollars. Damn technicalities.

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