Thursday, April 28, 2011

SunFest Day 1: Avett Brothers and the Lyrics that Sing

By Emily J. Minor
I live with two grown men who are gaga over music. Our son, now 20, was getting an music allowance back way back in early middle school. Forget cash for taking out the garbage, how about another Gorillaz download? My husband - Mr. After Hours Music Proprietor Marty Minor himself - has resisted the iPhone for one simple reason: he couldn’t put all his music on it.

This might seem like one of those “blessings” all the hyper-happy like to talk about.

The Minors are so hip! We’re all so groovy. Yet, here I am, paying the monthly iTunes account, stuck in some sort of unsettling music limbo.

I am not resistant to retro; I embrace it.

Consequently, their music is way over my head.
My under-the-counter kitchen radio is set on NPR and the local oldies station. (Well, station choices in West Palm Beach are to blame for the latter, but that’s a whole other - what do they call this again? - blog post.)

It might be spring, 2011, but I still like James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac and really old Linda Ronstadt.Oh! And The Avett Brothers. I love The Avett Brothers, big time.

The Avett Brothers - two of them are really brothers, which makes me happy for their mom - are adorable. They are full of energy. They appear physically fit, which leads me to believe they eat their vegetables. And they gave a REALLY, REALLY FUN show Wednesday at SunFest. I drank three beers in their honor!

The best thing about The Avett Brothers isn’t the banjo or the bass or that one guy who plays the cello almost like it’s a guitar.

It’s their lyrics.

Scott Avett and his little brother, Seth, can write. Really write.

Funny lyrics. Happy lyrics. Lyrics that make you cry.

Somber lyrics. Sensitive lyrics. Lyrics that make you sing.

I hate to be too old-fashioned, but I think The Avett Brothers are a little bit John Prine and a little bit They Might Be Giants and a little bit Barenaked Ladies and a whole lot of them, all rolled up into something fresh and new and fun.

Every time I listen to them, I just feel happy. And Wednesday night, it was especially nice.


dhcanady said...

MAN, I wish I could've been there, too!

marty said...

You would have had a great time. Wish you were there, too.

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