Thursday, April 15, 2010

Five Video Friday

Piano Chat Improv With Merton

The newest internet hit, Merton has become a household name
among the nerdy and computer savvy. He's got millions of views
in just a few months and even got Ben Folds to give him a tribute.
Merton continues to upload videos and you may even see him on
Chatroullete if you dare to go.

Pomplamoose Covers Single Ladies

Folk band Pomplamoose has gotten famous due to this great
cover of Beyonce's Single Ladies. The interesting video and
fresh take on the song made it an instant hit.

The Golden Age of Video

An amazing mash up of a staggering amount of
quotes from TV show and movies. See how many

Transistor Radio- Cloud Cult

This home made music video for Cloud Cult makes you feel like
you're reading your favorite childhood picture book. NSFW as it
will make you cry like a little girl, and no one at your work wants
to see that.

The Hives Medley

Sweden's most American band plays it's heart out, doing
great covers and just rocking the stage.

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